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Program Description:

Did you ever wish you had  a utility to calculate timing information for serial communications? 

Well, here it is!

SerCalc allows the user to specify serial parameters such as bits per second, parity, number of data bits, etc., and then instantly calculates useful information like the bit transmission time, word format, word transmission time, word rate, etc.  It even lets you specify a message length and will show you the message transmission time and message rate.



Installation Instructions:

Download either the small or large version of the SerCalc setup program (zip file).

Extract the files using an unzip utility into a temporary directory.

Run the setup program.

Setup will install the files and place a shortcut to run the SerCalc utility under Start Programs.



Download Files:

SerCalc was written using Visual Basic 5.0 and requires the standard VB 5.0 dlls (dynamically linked libraries) in order to execute.  If you do not have the standard VB 5.0 dll files, you will need to download the large version of the SerCalc setup program.  If you already have the standard VB 5.0 dlls then you can download the small version of the SerCalc setup program.    If you are a more experienced Windows user, don't need the dlls, and don't need a setup program, then you can just download the applications exe file.

Large version of setup program (includes VB5 dlls, 1,745KB):   sc_full.zip

Small version of setup program (no VB5 dlls, 176KB):   sc_app.zip

SerCalc.exe (exe only, 34KB):   SerCalc.exe




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Last modified: March 28, 2001